New Frontiers in Summarization Workshops


The goal for this workshop series is to provide a research forum for cross-fertilization of ideas. We seek to bring together researchers from a diverse range of fields (e.g., summarization, visualization, language generation, cognitive and psycholinguistics) for discussion on key issues related to automatic summarization. This includes discussion on novel paradigms/frameworks, shared tasks of interest, information integration and presentation, applied research and applications, and possible future research foci. The workshop will pave the way towards building a cohesive research community, accelerating knowledge diffusion, developing new tools, datasets and resources that are in line with the needs of academia, industry, and government.

The 4th NewSumm (EMNLP 2023)

Past Workshops

The 3rd NewSumm (EMNLP 2021)
The 2nd NewSumm (EMNLP 2019)
The 1st NewSumm (EMNLP 2017)